Top Technology Trends of 2022-2023 that Redefine the Future

In the past few years, technology has experienced a breathless ride. Right from the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), the rise of the internet and smartphone, to the increasing adoption of IoT, the top technology trends are constantly emerging and upgrading themselves.

There are some technology trends that fizzle out over time, and then there are the latest technology trends that stay on the sidelines and  gain traction after it either get major funding or an industry suddenly integrates them in their process.

There are many such technologies that have already made their prominent mark in the previous years and are only a few more advances away from becoming mainstream. These technologies are the ones that we have listed as the latest and upcoming and latest technologies that would be setting a global trend in the coming years.

Top 10 Technology Trends that can Transform your Business

Top 10 Technology Trends that can Transform your Business

Businesses today are touched by technology in every aspect, be it small, medium or large size. The top technology trends in business are being leveraged to their fullest potential for streamlining business operations, improvising productivity, and doubling the revenue stream.

Without further ado, let’s move on to discuss the top 10 technology trends for the future years –

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the latest technological advancements that has constantly been making its place on the list of top tech trends for quite some years. AI is becoming the best technology in the world and is already known for its superiority in image and speech recognition, voice assistants, navigation apps, automation, and what not.

The current AI trends see a tremendous demand and rapid development of AI and modern industrial automation technology. As manufacturing and supply chains are getting back to full activity, labor shortage will turn into a serious issue. Automation with the assistance of AI, robotics, and IoT will be a key solution to operating manufacturing.

Other than that, AI development companies will be utilizing AI further to analyze interactions to decide basic underlying influences and insights to predict demand for services such as the healthcare sector, empowering specialists to make better choices about resource use and  identify the changing ways of customer behavior by dissecting data in near real-time, driving incomes and improving customized experiences.

Its present-day tasks of enabling computers to read (studying messages and reports), see (through facial recognition), listen (by enabling Amazon Echo to answer your command), speak (Siri being able to give you an answer), and even record emotions (through affective computing), will help AI become a technology that no longer needs human intervention to aid its learning. The mass usage of AI in the world is leading to its adoption in a number of sectors: Customer Experience, Designing, Healthcare, and Fintech.

We at Appinventiv worked for a leading global bank that wanted to automate its banking processes by utilizing AI development solutions. We deployed an AI-based chatbot assistant in the bank’s mobile and web apps that can run in different languages, handle complicated tasks like solving real-time customer complaints, and provide several other banking services and solutions. 

2. Voice Search

Voice Search

The top 10 technology trends will remain incomplete without voice search technology. The time is long gone when the only relation between voice and technology was to talk using our mobile devices. The importance of voice search in today’s time cannot be ignored, as this emerging technology trend uses speech recognition to identify what a user is saying with high accuracy. As a reply, it delivers the message to the user through voice.

While Google Action SDK and Integration of Siri into apps have already acquainted us with the power of voice in conducting everyday tasks, the applications have still remained very limited. But the future that it has set for itself has placed voice-based applications in the list of top technologies in 2022.

In the near future, with a set of upcoming new tech trends, it will find itself conducting more operations with a voice command. In only a matter of time, every device we have surrounded ourselves with will be able to function and perform actions with a command of our voice. Mixed with Natural Language Processing, AI, and Machine Learning with voice-based applications will find a greater place in users’ everyday activities.

Apps like Soniphi are one of the best examples of the utilization of voice search technology. Soniphi is a resonant frequency-based personal wellness platform. This health mobile app allows users to record their voices, letting Soniphi’s proprietary technology chart out a health analysis report. 

Another popular brand that our experts worked for is Vyrb. Vyrb is a social media application that enables users to send and receive audio messages specifically optimized for Bluetooth wearables. Various audio command features like Siri and Google voice assistant were incorporated into the app, along with implementing an autoplay functionality. 

3. Natural Language Processing

Presently Natural Language Processing (NLP) is broadly utilized in financial marketing. It shares a thorough insight into market sentiments, tender delays, and closings and obtains data from huge repositories.

The requirement for a semantic search is another top tech trend to affect NLP. This search would draw both NLP and NLU (Natural Language Understanding), requiring a granular perception of the central thoughts contained inside the text.

E-retailers would utilize NLP and Machine Learning methods to build customer engagement and analyze their browsing patterns and shopping trends.

4. Blockchain

Global Blockchain Market Size

The rate at which Blockchain is growing has placed it at a pivotal point in the list of the latest trends in technology. While prevalent with cryptocurrencies currently, the world will see its mass adoption in the coming years, and Blockchain technology trends will definitely stay here.

Cryptocurrencies, the important Blockchain element, will also find themselves divided into a number of currencies and would be floated in the market just like fiat currencies. People who are currently unaware of what Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are and where they can spend them will start doing their everyday transactions with them. The future will see Blockchain development solutions being explored beyond cryptocurrencies.

In 2022-23 and the upcoming years, the latest technological advancements will scale with updates and better implementations of smart contracts. When it comes to securely exchanging data, the updates to blockchain tech may mean that it can be used whenever and wherever there is a case of secure, immutable data exchange. For that, people can opt for blockchain development companies to avail the benefit of this technology.

The Appinventiv experts built a blockchain-powered Learning Management System (LMS) platform called Nova which has completely transformed the education sector. Nova, powered by the ability of blockchain, is just the answer to genuine issues in the current education sector. 

5. Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has been finding itself in the list of the latest mobile app development trends. Our homes that already have a series of smart products, such as TVs, water heaters, microwaves, yoga mats, and voice-enabled personal assistants like Amazon Echo, etc., will find a series of new entries in only a matter of time.

The Internet of Things is the future and has facilitated devices such as home appliances, cars, and much more to be connected to and exchange data over the Internet. The IoT technology trend enables better security and efficient decision-making for businesses as information is collected and analyzed through the internet. It is said to provide predictive maintenance, speed up medical care, improve customer service, and offer various benefits in the coming future.

According to Statista Forecasts, around 29 billion IoT devices will be in use around the world by 2023, creating a massive web of interconnected devices spanning everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances.

6. Edge Computing

Edge computing

One of the least talked about but one of the latest upcoming technologies will take the center stage the day IoT becomes a mainstream technology. While businesses are presently working comfortably in their Cloud setup, things are going to change pretty soon with edge computing.

Edge computing, one of the top 10 emerging technologies, supports computation and data storage together on the collection device in place of depending on one major location that can be miles away.

It is a computing element where everything from – information processing, content collection, delivery, etc., is situated close to the source of information. Latency and connectivity challenges, bandwidth restrictions, and higher functionality are some of the benefits that get embedded at the edge of the source.

To be a part of the future technology trends enterprises should start using edge-based design patterns in the infrastructure architectures, especially in those that come with notable IoT elements. To achieve this, the starting point can use edge-specific and co-location networking abilities.

IoT being a prominent part of new technology trends 2022, the IoT app development companies are expected to witness increased attention being paid to edge computing for enabling intelligent networks, in which the connected devices will be performing the necessary analytics right at the location and would use the results for performing the specific actions. 

It will all happen within a few milliseconds, as compared to a few hundred milliseconds – the time it takes today with cloud computing. The promise that edge computing comes with, makes it an important addition to the top 10 technology trends.

6. Predictive & Personalized Medicine

Predictive & Personalized Medicine

New technological innovations are pushing the healthcare sector forward at a growing rate. The potential to get information about an individual’s lifestyle from a smartwatch (like Samsung, Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.) is giving healthcare professionals the ability to forecast and even treat possible medical issues before a patient even has any symptoms.

When it comes to treating these patients, this technology trend will help doctors prescribe more personalized medicine, often referred to as predictive medicine. The info-driven understanding of how useful some treatments are for people will boost the healthcare market forward in the upcoming years.

With regards to treating patients, this technology trend will assist doctors in prescribing personalized medicine, generally known as predictive medicine. The data-driven comprehension of how helpful treatments are for individuals will support the medical services market in the coming years.

7. 5G


The technology trends 2022 and other predictions show that the world in the coming years will be under the spell of fast internet connections and all the various perks that come attached to it.

5G, one of the top 10 emerging technologies, will find its place in the market very soon, bringing with it benefits such as high internet speed, lower latency, and higher capacities.

The benefits would make it possible for autonomous vehicles and wireless VR to work with minimal technical hesitancies. The benefit of 5G would be two-fold. Not only would it enrich the user experience by offering a higher data range when we talk by VR or AR, but it will also be much safer, which is where the latency point comes in.

But just how fast would 5G be? It is anticipated that when it takes 26 hours for a movie to download in a 3G network, in 5G, the time would reduce to 3.6 seconds.

8. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition

Your face will become the ideal technology partner in the future. What started with iPhone X with its face ID will be taken ahead by a number of industries that will now be using your face for a series of different applications.

From the present ability to unlock your phone just by looking at it, the latest technology in facial recognition will allow you to unlock your house and car, which would be connected to the internet. In the future, it is said that an individual will be able to withdraw money from the ATM using nothing but your face.

9. Big Data

With the ever-growing amount of interaction between machines and humans, the devices that we carry with us every waking hour have become a massive repository of data. Data that is waiting to be converted into meaningful information and insight for businesses to use to offer better service.

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10. AR/VR


AR/VR is one of the latest upcoming technologies that is set to revolutionize all sectors. If there is anything that Pokémon Go has taught us it is that users are very open to the idea of losing the sense of their reality for a good time in the virtual world.
Taking the cue from the interest that Pokémon Go managed to create, a number of business models have come up in a number of different industries like Healthcare, Retail, Education, etc., focusing on giving the users a chance to introduce fiction in their daily life and find something of value at the back of the whole experience. 

That’s why AR/VR app development companies like us help clients to achieve their technological goals. 

upcoming technologies in it

Additional Upcoming Technology Trends in 2022-23

Technology remains to be the primary catalyst for change. With years, the current technologies will evolve and upgrade themselves. Also, businesses will adopt newer technologies. Here is the list of the additional upcoming technologies that would thrive in 2022-23 and the near future.

1. Chatbots


It has already been established that Chatbots are shaping the business growth story by making business available 24*7. This one of the latest upcoming technologies will find the conversion magnet becoming more personal and intelligent with the power of machine learning and predictive analytics technologies.

2. Robotic Automation 

It is quite common for small and medium-sized businesses that they cannot afford complex robots as these technologies won’t fit into their business space and are also not within their budget. But with a new generation of “cobots” or collaborative robots currently changing the game for small and mid-sized businesses. These cobots are helping such businesses to get into the competition more effectively by offering opportunities to employees and improving productivity levels. 

Just like any other technology trend, robotics applications are quite essential for removing the limits of what people can do. One of the major growth areas is the continuation of bold initiatives into innovation and factory automation that have produced exciting outcomes for business and industrial deployments. For instance, robotic task automation is now enabling employees to focus on improvising the client experience. As robotic automation technology continues to evolve, robots of any size will mould the future of work and make lives easier for millions of businesses.

3. Smell-o-Vision Technology

In the upcoming year 2023, we may see the utilization of smell-o-vision technology. At present, smell-o-vision technology is being leveraged in the healthcare industry, but in the upcoming days, this technology will also be implemented in different consumer products like televisions, smartphones, and cars. This technology allows the users to experience different types of smells, like a flower blooming or a strong cooking smell, right from the devices. 

This makes the device even more immersive. Other than that, smell-o-vision also allows users to play AR and VR games with the help of the devices that make this technology even more immersive and interactive. So overall, this technology helps you to smell a new scent through a device. However, this technology might not work in extreme hot or cold and hot environments. 

4. Driverless Technology 

Another best tech trend is driverless technology or self-driving cars. Being one of the top digital trends 2022, self-driving cars or driverless technology is still a long way from taking off, although there have been significant developments in this field. The driverless technology, also known as the autonomous car, mainly relies on actuators, sensors, machine learning systems, complex algorithms, and strong processors for executing the software programming. 

These cars maintain a map based on various sensors situated in different parts of a vehicle. The sophisticated software then processes all the sensory inputs, detects the path, and sends instructions to the car’s actuators that control braking, acceleration, and steering. Apple is currently aiming to debut its self-driving cars by the end of 2025

5. Applied AI

Applied AI is that branch of Artificial Intelligence that brings out the AI into the real world and brings computer-controlled robots and computers that execute real-life human tasks. Rather than using AI tools to write content or produce photos, applied AI enhances the software application and is considered to be one of the top trends in software development. It puts advanced machine learning techniques to utilization, offering higher levels of accuracy. 

Applied AI is also one of the best technology trends in business as it contextualizes various industry processes and business models as well as improves the way we interact with things around us. Business models that are trained in machine learning can be utilized for solving predictions, classifications, and controlling problems for automating activities and making better decisions.

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6. Web 3

Centralization has onboarded people to the World Wide Web and has created a robust and stable infrastructure. At the same time, there are a handful of centralized organizations that have a strong hold on large swathes of the World Wide Web, deciding what should be allowed and what should not. Web 3 is the solution to this dilemma. 

Web 3 embraces decentralization and is being built and operated by users. Web 3 provides power to individuals rather than corporations. Being one of the new technology trends, Web 3 can be considered as a gradual shift towards a decentralized internet that has open protocols and standards while protecting the digital ownership rights of individuals.

Top Mobile App Development Trends to Look for

The mobile app development industry is gradually evolving at a rapid speed, and to survive this digital Darwinian age, you must be acquainted with the top trends for mobile app development. Mobile apps are transforming the operating models and marketplaces for various businesses at a shocking rate. By the end of 2025, the mobile app market revenue will reach a valuation of $613 billion. However, one of the scariest truths is that most mobile apps fail because of their inability to implement the latest mobile app technology trends. 

This shortcoming also results in losing the competitive edge in the mainstream market. Therefore, working and implementing the mobile app trends improvise your app considerably and let your business thrive in the marketplace. Some of the top mobile app trends include the rise of 5G, implementation of AR and VR, apps for foldable devices, wearable apps, mobile commerce, blockchain, mobile learning, predictive analysis, IoT-enabled mobile apps, and various other trends in software development. 

How are Technology Trends in Business Going to Influence you?

Business implications of trending and disruptive technologies are compelling and vast. While each of these new technology trends has its own set of benefits and applications, it is undoubtedly the best approach to the deployment process. Collectively, AI, IoT, and the rest are the ever-emerging technology trends and also the upcoming digital technologies. 

While few businesses have the facility to adopt these top technology trends in 2022, the situation for small and mid-sized businesses are quite different, given that they have a limited number of resources. Likewise, there is also a challenge of knowing what type of emerging digital trends 2022 would be necessary for your operations. This is why it is always suggested for small and mid-sized businesses to do their homework first before they determine the best tech trend for their business. 

Whether you want to remain relevant in the business or gain a strong competitive edge or achieve your operational goals, these new upcoming technologies in the future are likely to achieve permanence. Learn more about the upcoming digital technologies by hiring the best mobile application development company like ours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the top trends in IoT in 2023?

A. Some of the top trends in IoT in 2023 and the upcoming future are:

  • IoT data feeds AI models
  • IoT connects healthcare to patient needs
  • Industry 4.0 relies on IoT
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy

Q. What are future technology trends?

A. While there are various technologies that exist in the market and will continue to disrupt the market, here are a few that are newly entering the market and are poised to bring transformation:-

  • 5G technology
  • Edge Computing
  • Prescriptive Analysis

Q. How Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) benefit your business?

A. As advanced technologies, AR & VR have a long list of benefits and can help your business prosper in many ways. First of all, it can help you with better safety and reduce manual errors. AR & VR technologies in the business allow you to completely develop the training programs and help in boosting sales of your organization by making it stand out in the crowd. 

So far, AR & VR technology has been utilized by military, healthcare, entertainment, real estate, training and education, manufacturing and supply chain, IT (prominently), and other industries.

Q. What are the top artificial intelligence trends?

A. Artificial Intelligence and its scope are vast, and that is the reason why it is the most important empowering agent for disruptive innovation that currently prompts game-changing products and services ready to serve the purchasers. The top artificial intelligence trends include:

  • Generative AI
  • Federated Learning
  • Neural Network Compression
  • Voice and Language Driven intelligence
  • Digital avatars
  • Embedded Application (EA)
  • AI ethics

Q. What are the upcoming technologies in IT in 2023?

A. Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence, accelerated digital transformation, and rapid adoption of the Internet of Things can be seen as the major upcoming technologies in IT in the year 2023. 


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