Top 10 poultry technology trends of 2024 (so far)

Here are the 10 most-read new technology articles during the first half of 2024:

  1. 29 technologies changing the poultry industry in 2024
    Emerging technologies are set to transform the poultry industry in 2024, tackling challenges such as Net Zero, traceability and transparency, avian influenza, Salmonella control and more.
  2. HPAI vaccine shows promise in commercial layer study
    The Netherlands-based researchers have been evaluating two vaccines in layers housed in a commercial environment since September 2023.
  3. Broiler welfare can be monitored with imaging technology
    A computer vision system can be used to help poultry producers manage welfare and production behaviors.
  4. Biosecurity, automation focus points for cage-free shift
    Updating biosecurity procedures should be the top concern for U.S. egg producers who are converting their facilities to cage-free production.
  5. 4 steps to a better broiler of tomorrow
    Addressing the challenges ahead to meet the demands of a changing world.
  6. 4 predictions for the future of poultry health control (blog)
    Elizabeth Doughman: Which emerging technologies will improve disease management?
  7. Machine learning could automate poultry weight forecasting
    A collaboration between Fieldale Farms and Intelia Technologies is trying to improve on this labor and time-intensive process.
  8. Is the poultry industry moving away from NAE?
    Antibiotic use in poultry operations is driven by broiler welfare and consumer concerns.
  9. Can nutrition help improve broiler hatchability rates?
    There is no one solution to the problem, but some feed supplements show promise to improve hatchability rates.
  10. Ernst criticizes USDA funding of Chinese avian flu research (blog)
    Elizabeth Doughman: White Coat Waste Project calls study “a risk to humans and animals,” but a spokesperson for the USDA said the information in the letter was off-base and misleading.

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