68 Software Companies in Austin You Should Know in 2024

Contrary to popular belief, software isn’t just for valleys in California. These Austin-based companies are helping devs and engineers accomplish some truly incredible tech innovations. Austin has an exploding tech scene with some game-changing companies working across multiple industries.

Top Software Companies in Austin

  • Cloudflare
  • ActiveProspect
  • BigCommerce
  • Blackbaud
  • Cision
  • Gembah
  • GoDaddy
  • LeanDNA
  • Living Security
  • Overhaul
  • Pushnami
  • Qualia
  • SailPoint
  • Shipwell
  • ThousandEyes


Closinglock makes fraud prevention software for the real estate industry. Through its platform, title companies, legal offices and lenders can securely transact, knowing that any anomalies will be flagged and caught. When homebuyers leave “earnest money” deposits to secure properties until closing, Closinglock ensures that the wire transfers are free of problematic or fraudulent actions. It also manages identity verification and e-signatures for real estate and financial documents.


Austin-headquartered edtech Aceable makes a learning platform for driver’s education. On the platform, students can engage with interactive course content and practice skills that lead toward practical application and examination. The Aceable app is meant to be used in lieu of expensive and time-consuming in-person driver’s ed courses and written exams so students can complete the Aceable coursework, then focus on passing the practical driving test. Aceable is also working on additional edtech products in the real estate and healthcare spaces. 


Restaurant 365 specializes in cloud-based software solutions for restaurant management. Its products automate finance processes, simplify workforce management, streamline back-office operations and provide actionable intelligence meant to drive business success. Thousands of restaurant’s rely on the company’s technology to help them ensure payroll accuracy, for example, and predict inventory needs.


Since 2007, ForeFlight has been building software products for pilots and aviation businesses. Its offerings include a mobile platform for flight planning with features that range from digital checklist templates to 3D previews of weather forecasts. The company also offers runway analysis tools for businesses and individuals.


Invoice Home makes software for small businesses and freelancers, offering a library of free invoice templates that users can customize to be given to their customers digitally or as a hard copy. Users can set up their invoice to direct customers to pay through an online platform like PayPal or to submit payment by cash or check. Invoice Home’s technology has served over 8 million users.


CreatorIQ makes software for influencer marketing that integrates with social media platform APIs. By using AI to algorithmically analyze more than a billion public social media accounts and all the content created within them, the software can index a huge number of accounts, scanning against sophisticated criteria for inclusion on its platform.  


Upside makes an app for retail cashback rewards, offering incentives for brick-and-mortar customers at grocery stores, gas stations, big box stores and fast food chains. Users have collectively earned upwards of $500 million in cashback through Upside. The company’s Austin office, which is located in The Domain area, serves as home base for many of Upside’s software engineers.


SciPlay is a mobile gaming company with an international presence. Headquartered in Austin, Sciplay has more than 800 team members spread across studios in multiple countries. SciPlay has developed popular apps like Jackpot Party Casino Slots, MONOPOLY Slots, Bingo Showdown and Backgammon Live, which millions of players around the world enjoy.


CertifID is a cybersecurity and identity verification firm that focuses on security for wire transfers in real estate transactions. By targeting, identifying and preventing fraud in these transactions, the company protects both consumers and real estate businesses from fraud. The CertifID Austin office hosts several hundred employees, who work out of two locations. 


Lansweeper offers a platform that enables organizations to discover, inventory and access actionable insights about all of their IT, OT and IoT assets. IT teams from companies like Hilton, American Airlines, Fujifilm and Maersk rely on Lansweeper’s software solutions to gain comprehensive visibility across their devices and networks


Duo Security’s zero trust security platform provides access management solutions to businesses and government agencies of all sizes. Its product’s features cover enabling off-site access to an organization’s data and systems for remote workers, for example, and a secure single sign-on, or SSO, solution that lets users access multiple applications without needing to keep track of multiple login credentials.


Enverus’ SaaS platform provides client businesses across the energy industry with intelligence to bolster their strategy. The company’s roster of experts that specialize in topic areas like biofuels, geopolitics, mergers and acquisitions, crude oil and renewable natural gas complement its technology stack. Thousands of organizations around the globe trust Enverus to help them overcome challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.


Sonar gives developers the tools to build software products that meet clean code standards, meaning their code is “easy to read, maintain, understand and change through structure and consistency yet remains robust and secure.” The company offers three open source solutions — SonarLint, SonarCloud and SonarQube — that provide coding support to millions of developers around the world.


Bonterra’s focus is on producing software solutions that help nonprofits, corporations, public agencies and foundations have a positive social impact. For example, its donor engagement product offers tools for optimizing websites and other digital assets so that fundraising initiatives have effective, targeted reach. Bonterra says its goal is to increase philanthropic giving from 2 percent to 3 percent of U.S. GDP.


Scorability aims to change the way recruiting works in college sports by increasing efficiency and transparency throughout the recruitment process. Founded by two parents of D1 athletes, the mission-driven company allows coaches to identify, connect with and recruit players for collegiate athletics programs.  


Mothership is a freight company that specializes in last-mile delivery: the final step of the delivery process, which brings packages from transportation hubs to their final destinations in stores or at customer locations. Companies can use the Mothership’s all-in-one freight dashboard to access quotes and booking, as well as track their shipments via a real-time map.


Miro is a secure visual workspace platform that facilitates collaboration across product management, sales, engineering, IT, marketing and other teams throughout an enterprise. It can be used for tasks like mapping out workflows or collecting feedback on project successes and failures.


Cloudflare is a cybersecurity company with SaaS products that optimize and accelerate existing online applications. It operates a network of client sites that use organic traffic to improve cybersecurity outcomes. The company says its software halts billions of threats daily and is designed to serve a broad range of industries, including e-commerce, gaming, education, finance, non-profit and healthcare.



NinjaOne supports IT operations with a cutting-edge platform that centralizes IT activities. Teams can now automate repetitive tasks, track IT tickets, and perform software deployments at a rapid rate. As a result, managing IT becomes frictionless with the tools of NinjaOne. With workforces becoming more remote and distributed, NinjaOne is helping IT teams adapt. An advanced platform enables teams to mass-deploy software, patch issues, backup data, and complete other essential tasks while monitoring all operations within a single location. 


With a multi-faceted skillset, Epicor is leaving its mark in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and retail. The company crafts software solutions that accelerate the operations of businesses across industries like manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Epicor understands that every company needs technology tailored to its unique needs. From content management systems for dealerships to enhanced software for business materials suppliers, Epicor creates industry-specific products that empower clients to ramp up their productivity. 


Dealerware provides dealerships, dealer groups, and OEMs with a single platform that streamlines customer interactions and gives automotive entities the ability to track their vehicles at every stage of the process. The Dealerware platform allows dealerships and clients to complete contracts through a mobile application, creating a more satisfying customer experience. Additionally, dealerships can evaluate the health of vehicles after they’ve left the lot, predict how long it will take to sell a vehicle at a certain location, and more. With a comprehensive approach, dealerships always stay in the know. 


Zello has created a method for people to exchange verbal messages with the simple touch of a button. A Push-to-Talk app enables one person to speak at a time to another individual or to a group, resulting in faster digital conversations. Instead of requiring users to carry around extra walkie talkie equipment, Zello has crafted a convenient app that allows people to access Push-to-Talk technology right from their phones. Instant verbal messages allow individuals and teams to share information and remain in sync throughout a project.  


Canva provides an online platform for people to share ideas and stories through visual communication. From succinct writing to exciting videos, creators can craft the perfect message for their specific audience. The creation process becomes effortless with the visual tools Canva provides. People can drag and drop items, set the tone with a range of templates, and insert various forms of media. Anyone can stylize their online messages with the creative features of Canva.


Overhaul produces software that allows shippers to connect data from all sources for a transparent view over their supply chain. The Overhaul platform includes tools for taking real-time preventive action to protect the supply chain, possible through contextual data overlays and multimodal visibility capabilities, and can integrate with data from any IoT device.


Qualia makes the home buying process simpler for all parties involved, offering a suite of secure digital real estate products that make closing a breeze.  
How they’re changing software: The company’s scalable products can be utilized by real estate agents and agencies to reduce time to closing and manage all other aspects of the mortgage and real estate process, featuring tools like a secure closing portal, title customization, title insuring, remote online notarization and more to fortify and accelerate agent capabilities.


Gembah is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, e-commerce sellers and small-to-midsize businesses create groundbreaking products that get consumers excited. The platform helps creators bring ideas into reality, guiding them through all steps of the design, sourcing and production process, with Gembah even visiting factories and watching over production while providing users with updates through a user-friendly dashboard.


AlertMedia is a communication and notification platform for critical situations, providing reliable and secure messaging across multiple channels and devices. AlertMedia can be used for a variety of scenarios, including emergency situations, business communications and operations to ensure organizations can communicate efficiently at anytime.


BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help merchants manage their online stores. Brands are can customize and manage their sites, as well as list their products on Amazon, Facebook and eBay. BigCommerce helps online store owners quickly and easily create e-commerce sites that increase sales, streamline operations and receive around-the-clock support.


Khoros builds personalized social media management software for brands looking to better connect with customers. Khoros’s software helps global brands, like Airbnb, AT&T and eBay, manage their social media interactions, customer engagement and online communities. The software enables businesses to look holistically at their engagement strategy in one centralized platform.


LogicMonitor’s SaaS solution is a one-stop shop for monitoring the entire IT infrastructure. The software is used by such big names as zendesk, Quora and National Geographic to monitor servers, websites, apps and networks. LogicMonitor lets companies deploy quicker, helps teams troubleshoot faster, and is designed to easily monitor cloud, hybrid and on-site data centers.

Procore Technologies’s construction management software helps builders manage risk, maintain safety and build quality projects. With a focus on project management, construction financials and safety, Procore has become a leading construction management platform widely used by companies like Honeywell, REI, Alliance Residential Company, Weitz and Barton Malow.

Sailpoint is an identity governance software company that has more than 20 years of experience founding, developing and leading various tech companies. The company provides compliance controls, provisioning, password management, single sign on and data access governance to help streamline IT processes and reduce the risk of fraud.


Liquibase creates database automation software for the systems management market. Liquibase offers a suite of tools to help manage database deployment, including a change management simulator, database code packager and a deployment monitoring dashboard. The company’s deployment tools are trusted by well-known brands like Accenture, Deloitte, the Department of Education and Sony.


Shipwell is a platform dedicated to automating the freight transport logistics industry. Shipwell’s logistics platform assists companies in finding the optimal carrier with instant quoting and booking and real-time shipment tracking. Dasani, Samsung and Shell all use the Shipwell’s platform to scale, optimize and personalize solutions to their many logistical needs.


Imprivata provides secure and auditable third-party remote access software. Imprivata’s software supports multiple technologies, vendors, compliance requirements and security protocols. Unlike traditional VPNs and desktop sharing tools, the company’s software can handle multiple issues at once and is completely customizable.


ThousandEyes deals in network solutions, ultimately enabling companies to monitor network performance for their deliverables. ThousandEyes saves companies time when troubleshooting, quickly getting their applications running again. Many industry leaders use ThousandEyes’ solutions like hp, Comcast, GitHub and Lyft.


CCC provides solutions to insurance carriers, collision shops, part suppliers and auto manufacturers. With access to more claims than anyone in the industry, CCC is able to gather valuable data and provide actionable insights. CCC is working to connect those in the auto services industry to get drivers back out on the road quickly after an accident.


Brightpearl’s retail management software lets companies automate and optimize back office tasks and processes. Used by companies in 53 different countries, Brightpearl is helping businesses be more efficient and focus more time on their customers.

Rapid7’s suite of products helps to collect data and locate vulnerabilities within cybersecurity systems. The company’s software platform provides tools to manage incident responses, administer vulnerability tests and train IT employees. Rapid7 helps Microsoft, Netflix and jetBlue to identify and improve their cybersecurity flaws.


ActiveProspect, Inc.’s platform helps marketers complete tasks like automating qualified sales leads and creating email subscriber lists, all while providing proof of consent for legal compliance. ActiveProspect has been qualifying leads through its software for more than a decade. 


HotSchedules has built a cloud-based software used by the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. Originally developed to track employee scheduling, the platform is now used for everything from labor management to business analytics. HotSchedules’ scheduling software is used by more than 1.2 million restaurant workers, including big names like Holiday Inn, Red Lobster, Jamba Juice, Chili’s, Jimmy John’s and many more.


Redgate creates products for SQL Server, Azure and .NET, enabling teams and users to follow DevOps best practices, improve productivity and monitor database performance. Redgate’s solutions are used by over eight hundred thousand users across multiple industries including Amazon, Walt Disney, Intel, Ford and Boeing.


AgileAssets provides public transportation agencies with software solutions for infrastructure asset management. Agencies deal with extensive amounts of assets and working parts, and the platform helps them keep every data point in check and projects on track. Transportation infrastructure is key to maintaining a successful economy and AgileAssets has been helping teams effectively manage roads, bridges and more for the last 28 years. 

Pushnami operates an omnichannel subscriber engagement and messaging platform that allows brands to efficiently capture subscribers and grow revenue. The Pushnami platform is responsible for sending more than 10 billion messages per month and includes machine learning, personalization content automation and advanced API for robust messaging capabilities, helping companies beef up their marketing strategy and increase ROI.


Ping Identity’s platform allows for the safe and secure access of all applications in a company’s ecosystem. Employees using Ping Identity’s software can securely access all cloud, SaaS, mobile and applications within a businesses’ ecosystem. The company partners with tech giants like Microsoft, Workday and Google to ensure a smooth and secure experience.


WP Engine is a hosting service for WordPress-based websites and apps. The company has over 60,000 customers in more than 140 countries with additional locations in San Antonio, San Francisco, Limerick and London. WP Engine offers around-the-clock technical support for one of the most popular content management systems in the world. 


BlackLocus creates automated and optimized pricing tools for online retailers. Acquired by The Home Depot in 2012, BlackLocus uses machine learning to help online retailers manage revenue and optimize prices. The company works directly with The Home Depot to creatively deploy new technologies.


Sprinklr is a social media management platform that enhances engagement across customer-facing systems. Their solutions enable companies to collaborate across departments and market to more than twenty channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all while ensuring great customer experiences. Some of the biggest brands in the world use Sprinklr to seamlessly manage their social media and customer engagement including Microsoft, Nike and McDonald’s.


LeanDNA produces a powerful SaaS solution that helps manufacturers and procurement teams throughout the supply chain, allowing stakeholders to reduce inventory burdens and improve turn efficiency. The purpose-built, collaborative platform utilizes AI-based prescriptive and predictive analytics to  provide insights into inventory reduction opportunities and time saving delivery optimizations, allowing businesses to generate more business value by improving processes.


Living Security helps organizations transform their end-users into their greatest cybersecurity assets through a suite of training products and services that make end-users aware of security threats and changes their behavior. Utilizing techniques like gamification, content creation and behavioral-reshaping techniques, Living Security’s software, like the Living Security Teams and Living Security Phish products, are engineered to empower users to create long-lasting change in their online and cybersecurity habits.


Optimizely assists businesses testing out ways to make their apps and websites more efficient. Based in San Francisco, but with an office in Austin, Optimizely’s SaaS platform runs analytics on website and app efficiency and makes suggestions on how to optimize the sites. The company currently works with major businesses like Metromile, Intuit and AAA.  


Squareroot offers software tools for both the automotive and retail industry to execute in-store strategies across multiple locations.  Squareroot’s software helps businesses manage multiple stores by broadcasting clear strategies, building productive customer and manager relationships and keeping stores up-to-date with real-time data. The tools allow stores to operate more effectively and with a uniform vision.


Hyliion builds electrified powertrain systems designed to augment or fully replace current powertrains fueled by diesel and natural gas. The company’s software is designed to eliminate the carbon intensity and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of commercial vehicles.


Medallia creates customer experience software for a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, B2B and finance. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., Medallia recently opened an office in Austin. Medallia’s platform aggregates customer feedback across multiple channels, tracking behaviors and promoting better overall business decisions.


ForgeRock helps companies maintain the security of their digital identity, offering identity management services with which their clients can maintain compliance with data security regulations and protect their digital assets. ForgeRock’s team seeks to make digital security simpler to navigate, providing a streamlined platform with which employees and customers can navigate potential security risks, enhance their workflows and grow their businesses.


Main Street Hub is all about being the voice of local businesses. Its marketing platform lets companies use social media, customer reviews, web and email marketing to acquire and retain more customers. Main Street Hub’s platform helps provide a boost to local economies by making small businesses more discoverable to the community at large. 


TrendKite’s data and reporting platform lets organizations measure and optimize the impact of their PR efforts. TrendKite’s easy to use software lets users create interactive reports that provide real business insights into PR campaigns.


Blackbaud creates cloud software tools for the social good community. Serving thousands of organizations, Blackbauds’s platform provides a wide variety of services from CRM tools to accounting solutions designed for nonprofits. Blackbaud is made specifically for nonprofits, providing solutions to fit their needs.


Cognitive Scale provides intelligence software for the finance, healthcare and commerce markets, aiding companies with a better understanding of the data points that can improve user engagement and enhance decision-making. Cognitive Scale helps many prominent companies make sense of their data, including Morgan Stanley, Macy’s, Nestle, IBM and P&G.


Golden Frog’s software provides access to open and free Internet while still securing user privacy. The company’s founders are all veterans of the tech scene who have owned and operated Internet-based companies since 1994. Golden Frog owns and manages 100-percent of its hardware, servers and networks to ensure safe, encrypted connections for users in more than 195 countries.


OwnLocal helps small and local businesses transform their radio, print and television advertisements into online marketing campaigns. More than 70,000 small- and medium-sized companies are using the platform to digitize their marketing campaigns.


Robots and Pencils is a mobile app development company that does everything from create custom new apps to update and fix existing ones. The internal collaboration between developers and award-winning artists is key to its success. The team at Robots and Pencils have produced more than 250 apps since their founding, and those apps have been used by over 77 million people around the globe.


Headquartered in NYC but with locations in Austin and Denver, Signpost provides marketing software that automatically creates customer profiles by analyzing data from emails, phones, social media and transactions. Signpost has more than 250 employees across their three offices and has aided over 15,000 merchants in building stronger customer relationships.


Tenfold develops phone intelligence software that helps companies capture customer interactions, integrate the data and optimize time on and off calls. Working in a variety of industries, Tenfold has helped companies like Adobe, Wayfair, LogMeIn and LivingSocial improve the customer experience.

Sumo Group helps companies promote their products online with various content sharing and traffic-driving tools. Sumo is used by more than 500,000 websites, and if you’ve ever shared an article or signed up for a newsletter, you’ve likely used a Sumo tool.


InMotion Software is a full-stack digital agency that offers a suite of project management services for mobile, web or emerging technologies. The company offers QA, research, design, engineering and project management services to its customers.


Praecipio Consulting works with companies and provides solutions for training product licensing, hosting and services management, and custom development across the Atlassian product suite. The company’s consultants have been working with the Atlassian suite well before Praecipio’s founding and have the expertise to work with any size company in across multiple industries.


Spiceworks is the creator of a free network used by millions of IT professionals to find information, advice and tools for their work. Using Spiceworks is free for users, and we mean completely free — the services are paid for by relevant advertising of IT products and services.


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